The Village Zaros

Zaros, a large village, is beautiful with 2.241 inhabitants. Situated in an area planted all over, it is 45 km away from Herakleion

It is famous for the excellent quality of the running water. The water is gathered in canals and irrigates the olive trees and the garden products. There is a small oasis, near the spring of Votomos, with towering plane trees, stony fountains and a traditional mill. It is a recreation center.

Σε μικρή απόσταση από το χωριό -800 μ. περίπου- κοντά στην πηγή Βότομος, μια μικρή όαση με πανύψηλα πλατάνια, πετρόχτιστες βρύσες και έναν παραδοσιακό -σε λειτουργία- αλευρόμυλο. Διαμορφώνεται σε χώρο αναψυχής. Εδώ λειτουργεί και το μοναδικό ξενοδοχείο του χωριού, καθώς και δυο εκτροφεία πέστροφας.

The only hotel of the village is situated here. The small village of Nyrritos, 3,5 km away, is one of the settlement that keep the traditional architecture. The mountains village of Kamares leads to the famous cave Kamares is 56 km to the SW of Herakleion. The population is 114.

The sights are :

The Kamares cave ( an elevation of 1520 m ). It was discovered by a peasant in 1890. The excavations of the English archaeologists revealed minoan findings, mostly huge quantities of the multicolored pots of the Midminoan Era. These pots are known as Kamaraika. Some of them are found in the Museum of Herakleion. The cave, served as the residence of the Minoan goddess.

The monastery Vrontissiou ( 14th cent. ). It was a significant center of spiritual cultivation. The main church and 10 of the cells were destroyed in the revolution of 1866. The church has got murals of the 14th cent. the entrance of the monastery has got a marble fountain ( 15th cent. ) with representations of the God, Adam and Eva and four other figures that stand for the rivers of the Paradise.