Agia Galini and the Byzantine princess

Its name today is due to a Byzantine princess who, while travelling by ship to the Holy Land, came across a great storm. She asked for help from the Virgin Mary (Panagia) and pledged to build a temple in the area they would find sanctuary.

The ship made it safely to land, to the village’s calm beach where the sea never rises and so the princess began building the temple, which she named PANAGIA GALINI. Over the years the name became AGIA GALINI.

Agia Galini is known for its enchanting design as a village, since it is built on the slope of a hill, among the calmness and peace that the area has, next to the crystal clear sea and beautiful beach. The small but graphic Port completes the image, giving its visitors the chance to enjoy romantic evenings at the Libyan Sea.

Agia Galini is about an hour and half’s drive from Heraklion and Chania and an hour away from Rethimno. It is located west of the centre of the Valley of Messara in the southern part of Crete,opposite Kalamaki and Matala.

According to mythology, Agia Galini was the area from which Daedalus and Icarus took off on their attempt to fly so as to get away from Minoa. At the port, you will find a monument dedicated to these pioneer aviators.

From Agia Galini you have access to other places on the island worth visiting. By boat, you can visit Agio Pavlo or Moni Preveli, an inaccessible Monastary which will make your trip more than worthwhile with the breathtaking sight you will come upon. Further south you will find Phaestos, Triopetra and Agiofarago in addition to other, trademark sights of the area.