Monastery of Arkadi

The Holy Monastery of Arkadi is situated 60 kilometers far from Agia Galini, and it is one of the most important historic monuments of Crete, an eternal symbol of sacrifice for freedom, as it is here that Constantinos Ghiamboudakis, the Cretan hero, blasted the powder-keg during the revolt of 1866, so that the Ottomans would not capture the people who had found refuge there

Tradition states that the Monastery was established by the Byzantine emperors Herakleios and Arkadios, after whom it has been given its name. However, it is more possible that the Monastery was named after a monk called Arkadios

The church, found in the center of the Monastery buildings is two-aisle, dates back to the 16 th century and it is dedicated to Aghios Constantinos and to Jesus Christ's Transfiguration. It has been built on the place of an older one of the 14 th century.

The Monastery is found at the Northwest side of Psiloritis, at a height of some 500 meters. Whatever route you choose to reach it, you will pass from places both with natural beauty and with historic importance.

The Museum of the Monastery

Within the Monastery a small Museum houses artifacts related to the history and function of the place. It is displayed the Banner of the Revolution of 1866, as well as religious artifacts, sacerdotal vestments trimmed with gold, weapons and other souvenirs.